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Your customers are now using Facebook and Twitter. Are you positioned to romance them? Cater to them? Reel them in?

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FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest (and a new one every month) Marketing

To be honest, most computer geeks are anti-social. So its amazing the popularity of social media. The problem is that the rest of the world is very social.

Let Melbourne Web and Design Company find a perfect balance of social media. Everybody need to be addressed on FaceBook and Twitter. The others are great, but some industries mandate the others. For example, a restaurant must be on FourSquare (a mobile check-in service), and a local attraction must be on TripAdvisor.

Social Media is driving the new wave of customer service. Melbourne Web and Design has packages that monitor your social accounts and "post" your news for you. I am sure you would rather run you business than "tweet" all day.