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The entire Internet marketing solution revolves around choosing the correct keywords.

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Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Melbourne Web and Design Company is a Google AdWords Certified Partner and a Bing Ads Preferred Company. We have advanced level Google Adwords certifications and Bing Ads Accredited Professionals credentials.

You Pay Per Click solution allows you determine exactly who comes to your website, by bidding on the search terms that will be income producing. You only pay for clicks to your site. For example, if a person clicks on a PPC and is driven to your site on your site your Google account is charged. If the person only sees your link, but does not click on it, it's called an impression, and no transaction happens. The goal of Melbourne Web and Design Company is to find the income-producing keywords for your business.
A properly managed PPC campaign run my Melbourne Web and Design Company will:

  • obtain quality traffic
  • convert visitors into customers
  • create action that generates revenue

Quality Traffic is more important than Quantity. Melbourne Web and Design Company creates traffic that is well-targeted. This means that the visitors:

  • are searching using keywords that you choose
  • enter your site and look around, instead of staying in local profile pages
  • become a lead or sale
  • come from areas that you target
  • come at times you choose

Quality traffic brings success. Let us convert your new quality traffic to SALES.

The advantage of paying for your traffic is that it will be implemented immediately. Depending on your budget, you can pay for a high ranking and see your advertising online within hours. The disadvantage is that you have to pay every click, but Melbourne Web and Design Company uses this data to find the profitable key terms and optimizes your website. As your site grows "organically" you will have less dependence on the expensive PPC costs.