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Mobile Site Development and Marketing

Mobile is now considered in the top 10 mass media methods behind Print, Recorded, Film, Radio, Television. Mobile Media now reaches the MASSES, but more importantly, mobile media reaches your customers.

What’s so special about the mobile media?

It does was the other do. It includes the others. Mobile Media shows the newspapers, films, television. Mobile media has revolutionized mass media, because its no in the palm of your hand, all day everyday!

Mobile devices are extremely personal and always on.

Your business must have a mobile friendly websites. More than half the traffic to local businesses are now coming from tablets and smartphones, so your customers need to be able to see you text. This is called a "responsive" website, because it responds the resolution of the device.

If a mobile user cannot find your phone number or driving directions, you will lose them quickly. Our mobile site are catered to the needs of the mobile browsers. The need information quick.

Our team will create a mobile friendly website with seamless integrations from your current site.

And when you mobile site is ready, let Melbourne Web and Design cater to the needs of the mobile clientele. We can create special coupons with text message campaigns from the QR codes we create to drive in new clients and keep the regulars coming back for more.